Even the Cleanest Homes Need Spring Cleaning Done

Tropical weather includes rain and dust. When it is dry, the winds stir up a lot of dust. It gets into places you would never expect. Those fine particles build up on everything. The potential for mold growth is huge in the tropics too. The wet season brings in dirt on shoes. We live on the top floor of a condo tower, but dirt gets in. We like the ocean breezes coming in through open windows, but there is the drawback of the dust and pollen. We get spring cleaning in Singapore done every year to really get the dirt out.

Everything from the walls to the mattresses are processed through a cleaning routine that is done by professionals who have the tools and supplies to clean everything in a home. They come in as a team and scrub absolutely everything. Not a knick-knack or picture frame is left untouched. Every surface is cleaned, and there is no dirt to be found in any crevice anywhere. Even the space where the toilet meets the tile floor in the bathroom is scrubbed out with a brush and disinfectant. I am simply amazed at how thorough they are. It is like living in a brand new place after every cleaning they do.

I have seen cobwebs behind pictures hanging on the wall, crumbs of food behind the stove in the kitchen, dirt under the refrigerator and so much more that boggles my mind how it gets there. We take our shoes off every time we come in the door, and we are a very clean couple. I used to wonder where all the dust and stuff would come from. One explanation given to me was the fact that we shed millions of dead skin cells that make up most of the dust in our home. That really grossed me out to think that fine layer of dust on our coffee table is actually us!

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