Finding a Place for My Son’s Family

My husband and I decided to look for an apartment in Silver Spring MD for our son, his wife, and their newborn because we simply don’t have the room here at home for them. It’s sad to say, but we just can’t have a young baby in the house anymore. We love our son, and we love his wife and adore our grandchild, but my husband has health problems and a crying baby at night is not helping his condition. It’s important for him to get his rest and it’s impossible with a screaming baby.

My son and his wife understand completely, but they need help getting started on their own. The baby wasn’t planned so money is tight even though he works full time and she does part time work from home over the computer. We thought they could swing the rent if my husband and I helped out with the security deposit and first month’s rent. So we set down and did some searching online for an apartment complex that would be close by but still in a good location and close to my son’s work.

We found a place that looked great. They had apartment homes for a very reasonable rate and the extras, including a pool, tennis courts, and a fitness center, looked amazing. Once we visited the other tenants seemed nice and respectable and the office staff seemed sharp. There wasn’t a party atmosphere or the sense that you’d have people up all night with loud music either. The last thing you want with a small baby is someone up all night making noise or acting in a threatening manner. My son and his wife really took a shine to the place and we’re planning on helping them move in soon. I think we found a great place!

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